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  • MV Mart App is an Online Platform Where you Can Order Groceries


    Welcome To MV Mart

    MV Mart app is an online platform where you can order groceries, vegetables, traditional items, handmade snacks, festival specials, famous items ...etc. As of now, we are operating in Narasannapeta, soon we are planning to expand our services

      What MV Mart Do For You

    • MV mart works farm to fork, we have connected with farmers, manufacturing units and artisans, who makes the things will directly delivered to consumers in the absence of middle man, where consumer also get minimal price.
    • Our core concept is to enhance the people health by selling organic, natural substances, and availing traditional materials
    • In order to touch with our customers regularly, we deliver regular needs and wants also.
    • As per the customer needs we will expand our services.
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      No Minimum Order

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